SF Home Price Appreciation 2011-015

  San Francisco Home Price Appreciation 2011 to 2015, by City Neighborhood   A Paragon Special ReportWhile waiting for the 2016 real estate market to really wake up and start generating useful statistical data, below is a look at San Francisco house and condo values over the past 5 years, broken out by neighborhood. In …

Don’t wait til spring to sell!

Looking back, much of 2015 was one of the strongest real estate markets we’ve seen in recent history and 2016 appears to be following in its’ footsteps.  Despite the high volume of sales activity, buyers were savvy and discerning. As a result, there were a number of ambitiously priced homes, mostly in the luxury segment …

Does It Make Sense to Remodel?

Check out the annual report below showing cost and resale value for typical remodel projects… I think they are understating the value of some of these projects. In our experience, most buyers do not want to undertake remodeling but want shiny baths and a fab kitchen and are willing to pay a premium for them!

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